Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We traveled from Colorado to Utah for Thanksgiving this year.  It was my brothers' year to be with our family and not their in-laws.  So, it was nice to have ALL of my siblings, and ALL of my neices and nephews there, along with my father and his wife, Sherri.

The dinner was delicious, of course, but being with family and having such bounty was the true blessing.  We had a great time playing Catch Phrase in the evening, as the kids all schemed how to spend more time together.  They just love each other so much...it warms my heart.

In the photo, from left and forward to right and forward:
Isabel Ellertson (turquoise sweater), Kyle Ellertson (red stripes), Rory Ellertson (red & beige stripes), Bryce Ellertson (gray), Sara Mac Gillvray Ellertson (green) shirt, Jim Ellertson (tall plaid), Summer Shippen Mac Gillvray (blue), Andrew Mac Gillvray (in back with blue t-shirt), Ethan Mac Gillvray (blue sleeves, grey middle), Avery Mac Gillvray (floral leggins, cream shirt), Haylee Mac Gillvray (white shirt, floral skirt), Katie Mac Gillvray (pink shirt, in front), Becca Mac Gillvray (black & white blouse), Jennifer Smith Mac Gillvray (brown sweater), Todd Mac Gillvray (blue shirt, big beard), Alex Mac Gillvray (gray & blue hoodie), Mary Mac Gillvray (in back, berry blouse), Marcie Mac Gillvray Thornbrugh (red & white shirt), Allison Mac Gillvray (pink striped shirt), Jay (Jerald) Thornbrugh (blue #61), Jorma Thornbrugh (gray and black striped shirt, on end) Timothy Mac Gillvray (sitting), Sherri Mac Gillvray (sitting).