Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our Dear President Hinckley

My sister called just a few minutes ago....with the bitter-sweet news that President Hinckley has passed away. While you know he's old, and that it was going to happen within not too many years, it still took me by surprise and sadness. He will surely be missed.

After reflecting a bit, I have to say that I'm really happy that he's back with his sweetheart, Marjorie--I know he's missed her. I have to say that I feel really blessed to have lived during his time--to be a part of his stewardship. I have to pay tribute to his wonderful-ness...for the great diplomat to the world he was for our church, for the many temples he's brought to this earth, for the great humanitarian he was.

We really love you President Hinckley and thank you for your service to us, and to the world--such a life long dedication. You're truly an example of Christ--how we can all be Christ-like today. Thank you.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Our December

A lot has happened this December. Why does it seem that the month of December (busy by nature) tends to get jammed with even MORE? Overall, we had a good month. were sick--which is no fun--but still, we enjoyed our Christmas, had fun with friends, continued to teach the children what Christmas is REALLY about, and just loved being together. It was good.

Kyle made great strides this month. He has 5 teeth--growing further up, surface broken and all. That has complicated sickness, grouchiness and all that--but they sure do look CUTE on him! He is WALKING--yes walking on his own. He was 11 months (almost exactly) when he began. So...he is the earliest to teeth and walk!

This is a movie of Ky Walking his 1st few steps on his own.
(Click the Play button Twice)

Christmas day was a delight. Our VERY fortunate (and evidently on Santa's "nice" list) received some nice presents...from both Santa & Family. Thank you! Here are some Highlights!

Bryce got a Nintendo DS

Isabel got a Digital Camera (real)--in PINK!

Rory got a bunch of tools, a MEASURING TAPE (that he'd been asking for FOREVER) and a Tool Bench

Kyle was just happy to see all the paper flying and Christmas

(and he got a few cute baby-type toys)


Mommy got some Calyx Perfume--I LOVE IT!

Daddy got some new Nikes for Basketball Playing

We got a lot of other great things too...pj's from grandparent (THANK YOU)...and fun toys from cousins & aunts/uncles. It was a great Christmas! We love you all!

Some other fun pictures from our busy month...

Rory Enjoyed the Cherry Cordial Mother shared with Him
Kyle in a Box

Kyle liked his bath in the helped sooth him in his "I'm sick and feelin' it" time.

Daddy & KyKy Passed Out Together

We hope your Holidays have been as Merry as ours.

Happy New Year to you All.