Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Day in Estes

Yesterday, after our Primary Program, we went up to Estes Park for the rest of the day to do a little geo-caching and to spend some family fun time. It was a GORGEOUS day...70-degree weather on October 25th!! The elk were out in their glory. We could have reached out and pet a few of them...truly. It was so exciting to see them and hear their mating calls. They are amazing animals--the kids were thrilled to see so many of them. We are so lucky to live so close to so much beauty and variety.

4 Little Indians

Halloween is coming and Grandma Mac really came through for us! What a fabulous seamstress and creator she is. The kids just loved being dressed up in their indian costumes. I love that they all matched. There wont be many years where they can have the same theme and matching yes, I'm enjoying it now! Thank you --AGAIN THIS YEAR-- Grandma Mac! We love you.
Trick or Treat!

My lil' Pumpkin

I love Autumn! I love Kyle. The two go great together. I couldn't resist taking some snap-shots of my little guy the other day while we were out enjoying the weather, collecting leaves and getting some fresh air before it gets too crisp out. Kyle is so irresistible. p.s.--he HAS had a hair cut since these pictures ;)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A fun weekend of Camping

Ah, Autumn is upon us. We knew that this would probably be our last weekend to go camping, so we took advantage of the trailer we just bought last Tuesday, and went before the weather was too cold. It was borderline while we were there. I have to say that the furnace in our trailer was very helpful! I LOVE MY TRAILER (excellent Craig's List find)!

We had such a good time. Jim's cousin's family were camping this weekend too, so we coordinated with them so we could all have fun together (Aaron & Megan and their kid) and my friend Shauna, her kids, and her two sisters and their kids. Okay...a lot of kids...but what a great place to just set them free and let them have fun--hiking, climbing big boulder-type-rocks, and just playing around. They kept themselves rather entertained. Tess (our puppy) had so much fun too--the kids loved taking her on walks and she was in heaven with all the attention.

We ladies were entertained too. Our favorite time: in the trailer playing board games and eating licorice. It was great!

We dutch oven cooked, sat around the campfire and sang silly and fun camp songs, and just had a good-ole'-time. The fall colors were awesome and I'm so glad we went before it was too late. This upcoming weekend is going to be in the 40's--good thing we went while we could!! What a great time we had!