Friday, May 6, 2011

Pampered by my Boy

I got some great pampering from my oldest son today. Their 3rd grade class had a Mother's Day Spa in their classroom, and it was so fun. Bryce was so affectionate and sweet. First, we got neck massages...and his sweet little hands really felt great on my tired old neck! I was very impressed! Second, we got pictures taken together and made a scrapbook frame for the pictures to go on. After this, we went and he gave me a manicure. This was a deluxe manicure! We got cuticle oiled, then we had a special hand scrub (and Bryce did his too, and LOVED it). Then he massaged my hands with coco butter lotion. Very nice! Afterwards, Bryce read me a story he wrote and served me treats to nibble while I listened.

I loved spending this time with my Brycee Boy, and I love how gentle and sweet and loving he was to me...and he wasn't embarrassed to tell me (many times) that he loved me. Whenever I think of my Brycee Boy, I'll remember this day always!

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