Friday, August 31, 2007

what's new

Ky-Ky--Walker Walker

There's our sweet baby Kyle. He loves his walker. Thank goodness for this chair he can sit in and be happy for a while...this is the only way Mom gets ANYTHING done around here. He's at a really cute stage...very lovey and giggly and yummy. A Hunting He Went...

Jim loves to every time this year he packs up all his special gear and goes up on a mountain somewhere looking for elk or deer...anything with antlers would be great. Well, he saw quite a few, but as the bow hunt is rather challenging, he didn't "catch" one. Maybe next year?

The Everyday Super-Heroes--Rory & Bryce to the Rescue!

Today they dressed up. Lately, they can't get enough of Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story. While they can't dress up like Buzz...they can still be superheros....and I just love how they make missile sounds and shooting sounds and yelling and fighting the forces of evil. It is fun to watch them make believe.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


2nd grade is already here. Isabel loves school and her teachers have commented how she is genuinely kind and helpful to every kid. She really has that "mothering" attitude about her and I'm so impressed with the kind girl that she is. The other night I was putting her 2nd grade picture in her "School Memories" book and I looked back at the previous years. She has gone from a little girl to a little young lady. I want to use the word "little" as long as I can. She really has a big heart and spirit about her denying that. I'm so proud to be her mother.

There he goes...

Bryce went off to Kindergarten....he couldn't be more excited! I had gone through the whole...saying goodbye...thing with Isabel, and I didn't think I would be emotional, but there I found myself with wet cheeks. I'm so proud of my boy and love him so much. I'm excited to see what he'll do with his education and school experience.

Starting a Grown Up Blog

Okay, I've had a space on MySpace...and that is kind of fun, but I think I may switch to more of a "grown up" blog area....and I have been impressed with Summer and Andy's spot, as well as a few of my other friends that have blogs here. I know that SEVERAL people from NY have used this area and it seems fun. And, my friend Shay has inspired me to get back to journaling, which I used to do ALL THE TIME, but have fallen way behind in. So here I go at being a grown up...(bummer) and hopefully it will be an enjoyable place for you to communicate with us, see our family pictures, and hear what is happening with us.