Thursday, August 30, 2007

Starting a Grown Up Blog

Okay, I've had a space on MySpace...and that is kind of fun, but I think I may switch to more of a "grown up" blog area....and I have been impressed with Summer and Andy's spot, as well as a few of my other friends that have blogs here. I know that SEVERAL people from NY have used this area and it seems fun. And, my friend Shay has inspired me to get back to journaling, which I used to do ALL THE TIME, but have fallen way behind in. So here I go at being a grown up...(bummer) and hopefully it will be an enjoyable place for you to communicate with us, see our family pictures, and hear what is happening with us.


The Mac's said...

hey so excited you are a blogspotter! We need to get the rest of the family involved. I read your profile, I think you should read the book Twilight.It is very good I am addicted to the series. It's an easy quick read (teen flick) but they are fun and dont require thinking (kind of like Harry Potter)Anyways just thought you might enjoy them. your blog is darling. i am excited about keeping in touch better. Loves you and your fam xoxo

Cari said...

what a great pic of you! Have fun with the blog!