Sunday, November 16, 2008

Out For Some Pictures

It was a beautiful November day...unbelievable...64 today here! Tuesday is going to be 69!! Anyhow (getting side-tracked in marvel of the nice weather in NOVEMBER)...we went out today and took some family pictures. Okay, one of my major PET PEEVES in life is going to get family portraits done...or even for just one kid. Waiting for the photographer to be ready (and I have an appointment!), keeping the kids calm, keeping the kids clean, getting them to like some total stranger and actually smile for them....not my happy day. But I do love having nice portraits of the kids.

About this time of year (Christmas card time) I know I need a good family photo. Have any of you ever gotten (or sent) cards that have just pictures of kids on them, and you're thinking...who are these kids?! You really need to put your pictures on there too--so we know who is sending these to us (reading the name on the card is not enough)--I want to visually see how my friends are getting older too, after all! =) I digress again. We went out on this beautiful day, to a canyon that is mere steps away from our house (although we drove over there as to keep the kids from dilly-dallying). My friend Natalie and I worked out a trade...I put all her Christmas Card addresses into a spreadsheet so she can send out her cards this year (without having to hand-address her cards), and she take some pictures of our family with her talented eye and fabulous camera. **I love trades** We got some great photos of the family together and I wanted to share some of the fun ones with all of you. So here you go. So much better than going to a studio!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Memory Making

I have been SO busy for SO long now, I really haven't taken much time to fact, it's been MONTHS. For something I enjoy SO much, it makes me sad that I haven't done it in so long. I've almost ignored the urge--because I'm too overwhelmed (with other stuff) to think about it.
Last night, I was putting some Girl Scout newsletters that I've been doing for her troop, in her scrapbook. I sat and looked through my past work and realized how very much I miss it.
Tonight, I took to it! I had no meetings and didn't have to run the kids anywhere. Yay! So, after dinner, I locked myself in my office and sat down and digi-scrapped. I love doing it this way. Look below, the same layout, but I can throw them in each of my kids' books and they'll never know how much easier it was for me (and quicker) to do it this way, than to do it with actual paper. I still do miss the hands-on, cutting, gluing, etc....but this way is practical for me right now. Plus, I can get a kit of digi-scrap files, and I know that they match and that the embellishments will "work" on the page.
It felt really good to do a little "memory-making" again tonight.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Halloween Tribe

We had a great Halloween. It was excellent trick-or-treating (probably the best we'll EVER EVER have). The day was in the mid-70s and the evening didn't even require a jacket. Last year...2 sets of underclothes, winter coats, hats, etc. We loved it this year! Yay!
Thank you to Grandma Mac for the making of the costumes...they were so much fun and we. Thanks Auntie Marcie for letting me borrow your get-up this was awesome! We had a lot of fun and a great night.