Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Family Tree

Our tree is no longer a designer tree.  It doesn't match anything in particular.  It doesn't have a color scheme.  What it is, is a family tree. Every year one of our highly anticipated family traditions is to make our way on the first Monday of December, to a Hallmark store and let each kid pick out an ornament.  They aren't cheap ornaments, but they are well-crafted and they most often reflect the kids' interest or favorite movies in the prior year.  We have a lot of Harry Potter themed ornaments...and Mickey Mouse too.  One of the first years were were doing this, Isabel chose a pretty bird, and I kept that tradition going.  I buy a "Beauty of Birds" ornament each year (and there are usually 2 full size and 2 small).  My tree has a lot of very beautiful birds in it.

Last night, we decorated the tree after visiting Hallmark.  It was a lot of fun and the kids are always excited to see their previous year's ornaments.  Our tree is lovely.  It is a family tree.  It is more lovely than if it were professionally decorated with the finest and most expensive ornaments.  It reflects my family.  

Some not-too-distant year we will have a designer tree again.  It will be gorgeous when I put all my bulbs up again, but it will not be as full of love and therefore, not as lovely and beautiful as the one I have this year.  it will mean that my children have grown and have taken their childhood ornaments to their own family trees.  I cherish this time when they are still in my home and filling our home, and our Christmas tree, with love.



Cari said...

that was beautifully written. its the perfect description of our hoe and tree too. these times are going too fast!!!