Friday, December 7, 2007

Star of the Week

Isabel was nominated to be her "Star of the Week" at school. We put pictures, stories and drawings on a star and she took it to school. As the Star of the Week, she got to be the special helper to the teacher in class, have lunch with her teacher, be at the front of the lines all week, and so on. It really is fun.

Today, I got to take her to school while she presented her star. She told about the pictures on her star and about herself. She read a "getting to know you" sheet, and then I got to read a letter from Daddy and I to her (I only cried a little bit). She got to answer questions from her classmates. At the end, they gave her an "Awesome" cheer.

She's been looking forward to this day so she even had me wake her up early and put curlers in her hair so she could look extra-great. She's our star.

The great thing was that Bryce was "Citizen of the Week" in his Kindergarten I'll be blogging his fun week too soon!


mt girl said...

Bell is so beautiful. What a good girl. Tell her aunty loves her! And Bryce is so cute, the little spidey dude! His gift from Jorma is right up his ally or web I should say.

auntie m said...


decoratinggal said...

She's beautiful! Just like her mamma!

Kami said...

Cute! It's so fun to have special days! I think I need my citizen of the day about now. I think I'll make myself a poster. :)