Friday, December 7, 2007

Citizen of the Week

So, Mom had a really busy weekend...making two posters! Bryce had been selected as Citizen of the Week. We got to make a poster board for him too. He took that in on Monday. Then Wednesday, he got to take his favorite book to share with the class. Friday, he got to take 5 of his favorite toys to school (I hope they all come home). It was a special week for him too. We had fun creating his board.

I'm so glad he enjoys school!


decoratinggal said...

Seriously, Jake can never, ever see this poster...his was truly lame -- what a clever thing to use the web to connect his pictures, funny - really, I'll have to find what I did just to show you how un-inspired I was at the time! :)

Cindylou said...

Wow -- that poster was SO creative!! I love it! How fun that you had TWO stars of the week! Your kids are so darling, Sara!!

PS - I had a GREAT trip to NY! Thanks again for motivating me! :o)