Thursday, October 11, 2007

Six Habits/Facts

While I' m by no means as eloquent as Kathryn on NY, I appreciate her "tagging" me as I can think about my interesting habits or facts about myself...while normally, I don't analyze myself too much. For heaven's sake--I'm too busy analyzing others! hee hee.

1. I was speaking with Jim last night about if I had to start college over and decide what I want to "be," I still don't know. I thought about a professional chef (culinary arts I do so enjoy). I also thought about being a doctor--probably a pediatrician. I then thought, I'm really good at organizing and have a good "business" sense, so maybe a business lady of some sort. I have so many interests, still...I really don't think I could fully commit to one thing. "Mother" is suiting me just fine though right now.

2. I'm a good friend. I can keep confidences (especially when told--"this is a secret"). I listen pretty well, and give good advice (unless I have no advice to give--and then I'm quiet). But I do think I'm a good friend to my friends and I'm lucky I have friends to be good to.

3. I shudder when I hear the news, or people think they must share with me, horrors that happen to children. It's best not to tell me as I'm mentally not able to take it, emotionally unable to cope, and physically ill. I really can't sleep at night as I obsess about the horrible crime(s). It's too much for me to take--as to me, children are the most precious things ever...and crimes against them are unfathomable, as are the monsters who commit them. So, please, don't share the bad news.

4. I love chocolate (in almost any form). I think this is something I probably have in common with many of my friends. It's even let me to the theory of "I'd rather eat a little of really good chocolate, than a bunch of really healthy food." My mother doesn't like this mantra--she knows I need healthier food in my diet...I'm in agreement, but can't bring myself to do it too often.

5. When I get a good book, I can read like a speed demon. Now, when I get a book that is "ok" it will take me months to finish it. Case in point: I read the whole Twilight Series (3 books, 500-600 pages each) in under a week. It took me about 3 1/2 weeks to read Cannery Row by Steinbeck (maybe 200 pages long)...not that it was bad but it wasn't too exciting either.

6. I feel all sorts of guilt for spending $75 on clothes for the kids, but I don't think twice to agree to Jim buying a $3k ATV. Hmmmm.
Okay, I tag: Heather, Marcie, Rebekah & Summer


Lizzy said...

Hi Sara! I found you on kathryn's blog. We moved to CO (up in Boulder) three montsh ago. Your kids are so big and so cute!

Liz maravilla

The Mac's said...

Ok I will do it but you have to give me some time, ever since my sister came I have been behind in everything (housework, laundry, blogging!, etc.) So I will get to it Love ya