Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sara went to Cali

I planned a trip to go out and see my BFF (best friend forever), Rebekah. Having a 9 month old baby made this plan a little scary for me....should I take him?-- should I leave him home?-- Jim convinced me that I would have SO much more fun, and be able to relax if I just left him home for a few days. He got him to take a bottle again, after he boycotted the bottle about 2 months ago--Jim got him eating baby food and taking formula...all in the effort to convince me to let him stay so I could have an actual "relaxing" break with my best friend. As I lay sleeping the night before I was to leave, I nearly got out of bed and packed a suitcase for Kyle. I didn't though. Upon arriving in California (without Kyle) I decided...well, I'm going to be here for 5 days--without Kyle--and I can either enjoy myself and relax, or I can be miserable and worry the whole time about my family back in Colorado. While I thought of them a lot, I decided to relax and enjoy my time. It was a good decision. I had a blast....seriously had so much fun. It was so nice to be with my best friend and her family. We have kids all about 3 months of each other and it was nice to see them at this point in their life--and it was great to see that all the craziness of being a mother and all that that entails--well--she's going through it too.

On the way to her home from the airport, we of coarse stopped by In-N-Out...that was the first item of business. Yes...it was so good and all that I thought it would be. I'd have to say that the highlight of my trip was DISNEYLAND. We had a blast. It was just the two of us--NO KIDS. Unbelievable. We got there and the crowds were not bad...we hardly had any wait in lines for the rides--we played like we were teenagers again! It was fabulous. Silly old friends. The day was "awesome dude!"

We went to Yucaipa to a place up in the mountains called Oak Glen and went to the apple orchards there...listened to some live music and had barbecue, shopped around and had fun. Then we headed to a really HUGE pumpkin patch/small fall carnival. You actually pick the pumpkins off the vine. There were a lot of really neat pumpkins/gourds--that had a lot of character. I LOVE the blue pumpkins...so cool!

I'm refreshed and I was so happy to come home to my kids (who were completely fine and good the whole time). They were happy to see me as I was happy to see them. It was so good to have a little getaway with my best friend--I love her!, but it was really great to be home to my honey and my kids.


The Mac's said...

I could use a little me time, but I don't think Andy would go for me leaving Avery with him right now:)
and honestly I couldn't go more then a few hours without missing her. I'm glad you got a great week away you will be a better mom and wife for it. Love ya

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Shay said...

YAY - love my girlfriend time -- so glad you got away, and what a great guy to know you needed to get AWAY! :) Sounds like you had a blast -- so happy you did!


lisapow said...

love the costume pictures! the blue pumpkins are also very cool!