Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ky Ky

Yesterday, I put an outfit on Kyle--and this was the first time he looked like a big boy...not such a baby...the jean and shirt are really cute, but I'm just used to him being in a more "baby" outfit. No big deal really, but my heart lurched a little bit--knowing he's growing up and that he is (almost for sure) my last baby. It's amazing to me to see him growing and getting to each new milestone in his little baby life--sitting up on his own, trying to crawl, zooming around the kitchen in his walker, eating baby food. As much work as the baby stage is, I'm not sure I want to say goodbye to it just yet. Goodbye forever to the baby stage?!--can't answer that for sure yet, but I can try to enjoy this time as much as possible.


Janint said...

Hi Sara! Yes it's me again, I know you sent me an invitation to read your blog long time ago, but I didn't know much about this type of things. Anyway... Looking at this pictures of Kyle, make think how I feel the same way about Spencer. I don't want him to grow up, but at the same time I'm glad he is growing. Anyway, you are a great Mom! Take care!