Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween & The Loot

We've had a great Halloween. Parties, parties, recital, and trick-or-treating. NOW--the LOOT! The kids had a great time! It was a fabulous night for it too--who would have thought that after a week of snow being dumped on us, 3 snow days--that we would have a beautiful night for trick-or-treating...but we did!! The kids had so much fun. We put a few layers on UNDER their costumes, they wore hats, and off they went. They were plenty warm as it was so nice out. They came home happy, and bags heavy with candy. Halloween 2009=SUCCESS!!

(Isabel...thanks to Grandma and her costume making...had 3 different costumes this year....1 for our ward trunk-or-treat (Vampire), one for a birthday Halloween party (Mermaid), and one for her recital and trick-or-treating (Mulan/Geisha). WOW!)


Marcie said...

Cute kiddies!! And Bell did so great on her cute!!