Saturday, August 1, 2009

Garden 2009: Progress Report

I love seeing the progress of my garden. It has surprised me this year. My broccoli is growing (people said it wouldn't do well in CO). My tomatoes are kind of at a stand still--hmm..... My beets are doing GREAT--I picked 4 really nice sized beets today! My zucchini...well....ISN'T zucchini....It's some sort of squash that looks like zucchini, but is a lighter green (strange?!). I have 1 jalapeno, and finally my cucumbers are blossoming. Better than last year in some ways, and in some ways not as good. It's always an experiment!
Zucchini???...or not?


Moose and Family said...

Congrats on the broccoli. I would love to try it hear. I so enjoy having a garden and eating the fresh produce!!

Cindy said...

Wow -- check you out! Your garden looks awesome!! Except what's up with that zucchini? How funny!