Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We went camping this past weekend--up past Vail to a town called Eagle...then West--to Sylvan Lake. It was beautiful and we had a fun weekend. I'll try to get some pictures of our trip up soon. Toward the end of our stay...actually, the late afternoon before the morning we were going to head home, Kyle came down with a fever. I had no Tylenol or Motrin--I had scoured my medicine cabinet...and nothing. Rather than going to the store -AGAIN- before camping...I convinced myself...they'll be fine! So, we packed up quickly and headed home rather than have a sleepless night with a crabby baby.

On our way home...we see this car come onto the freeway, and swerve to the shoulder, almost hit the shoulder guard, then over-correct and swerve into the other lane...almost hitting another car. We were behind him, and in no hurry to stay close. Then...a minute later, he swerves off to the right shoulder AGAIN. On occasion, I'll call that *277 from my cell to report a bad/scary driver to the Colorado State Highway Patrol. Well I called--even if this guy isn't drunk, he was using a cell phone or something...and he should clearly NOT be driving. I gave the make of the car and described what happened, and where we were. No sooner, did they call me back, ask where we were and where the driver was--and there was a trooper up at an on ramp waiting....we saw the trooper and they were radioing right to the trooper what I was explaining. The trooper caught up with the car, and got the guy. We didn't know what the outcome was...drunk, cell phone, or just crappy, but we were glad they could sort it out from there. But it was kind of like watching an episode of "COPS" live--and it is cool seeing in action technology working to get the bad guys. The kids were amazed at what was happening.

I got a call this morning from the state patrol...the guy was DRUNK...and I am happily going to sign a statement to the things we saw. If any of you know us well....a drunk driver nearly killed my husband, his brother and best friend when he was 16--we have no tolerance for that crap. So Yay!


Kami said...

Good for you! You will never know who you might have saved!!

Janint said...

I'm glad you are fine! You acted very good under the circumstances!

Todd and Lisa said...

good for you glad you were safe!!