Thursday, January 29, 2009


For my birthday (coming in February), I told Jim that I wanted a new sewing machine. The sewing machine that I have is a Brother machine, and it was crap (quite frankly). Ok...I did buy it only for my scrapbooking and card making--you know, sewing on my pages...cute stitches for an embellishment. Well, I was actually hemming and sewing on patches for Girl Scouts, and the machine was only giving me heck. So, I decided, I want a machine that is going to be sturdy, offer a little variety, doesn't need a ton of bells and whistles, but needs to just do what I ask of it (which isn't a lot as I'm not big into sewing).
The place where I take my vacuum to be worked on, Parker Sewing & Vacuum, is a dealer for Janome sewing machines. I researched the machines and found that while not expensive like Berninna, Viking, etc. they are good machines--work well. They don't need a lot of maintenance and do what you need to (especially for someone such as myself).
I got this great machine that was sponsored by the Heart Society for the year--a special edition. It offers 50 stitches and a few other really nice features that make life easy (needle threader, speed control, easy bobbin insertion, needle up/down feature).
The machine works like a dream. I got a couple of simple apron and a dress. I figured out how to follow a pattern, and I'm still learning, but my first 2 projects were a success. The apron turned out rather LARGE, but cute nonetheless. Isabel loves the dress I made her, and in my mind, that is a PASS for that project--(I was really proud of how it turned out too!) Last night, I bought a pajama pattern and some material for the boys. Wish me luck!

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Todd and Lisa said...

Wow! great job! I am totally impressed!

Kami said...

Way to go Martha Stewart!

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Janint said...

I'm impressed! What great talent and patience you have. Good luck in your next projects!