Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Growin Kyle

I can't believe how cute and big he's getting...let me old is he now?? My baby is 19.5 months old! Wow, he's just so much fun and full of so much love. This was a cute outfit that my parents bought him quite a while ago that I thought "it will be a long time before he can fit in them"...but now he is!

Can you slow down your growing...please KyKy?

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Marcie said...

OOOO I miss him!! He's just gorgeous, those killer eyelashes!! And very cute outfit! He's a stud! He'll be tall, dark & handsome!! Yummy! Give him auntie m squeezes please!! love ya!!

The Mac's said...

Oh my goodness is he really that old? Time flies....can't wait until we get to see him again!