Friday, July 18, 2008

We're Crafty

I know during the summer people take their kids here, there and everywhere. I'm not one of those people. We do go to the park quite often, and we do have some fun outings...but I'm not one to do it every day. With four kids and the youngest being rather young and another being "busy" it gets overwhelming. We usually wait until Dad is available to do our outings.
They do love crafts though. Yesterday we painted a lot and they loved that. We play with a lot of model magic clay (a great product--a cross between clay and play-dough--and non-messy and fun!). Today then, I thought I'd take them to Michael's and let them each choose a craft. We needed some new stuff and I thought this would be a fun summer activity, and give my kids some new projects to work on.

Isabel choose paint by number. She's always loved painting and I let her get two different kits since they are so inexpensive. It will take some patience to accomplish but I think she'll be pleased with the outcome when she gets there.

Rory choose Paint & Swirl. We actually already had the machine that spins your paper around and round, but we got refill paints and paper. He loves seeing it swirl and squirting the paint onto the paper.
Bryce choose a Tie-Die shirt kit. We bought t-shirts for the whole family (he'll do his first). He's really excited and we'll let you know how it turns out. There is some set-up time so we can't get straight to it, but it will be neat once it's done! This is perfect too as their elementary school's colors are "tie-die" --so he can wear it to school for school spirit! He also wants to make shirts for friends when it is their birthday (so invite him to your party and you just may get something tie-die)!

On a hot summer day, being crafty isn't a bad alternative!


Giddy Up! said...

What fun!! I have been trying to fill up the time until they go back to school. They are all so bored, and that is a great idea!! Thanks bunches. By the way, not only do we have rabbits, but voles too!! Yuck!

Cindy said...

How fun for your kids to be able to pick out their very OWN craft! What a great mom you are, Sara!! Looks like they're having fun!! (I'm going to have to try out that modeling clay stuff. Sounds like it's right up my ally!! Something that is fun that doesn't make a mess -- I'm all for that!!)

Janint said...

What great kids you have! And you are a very creative Mom too :)Your children are growing so fast!

Ryan and Rebekah said...

Okay Sara

I'm officially bogging. I have my own site now and I'm quite excited. I just hope I'm doing it right. Its kinda up and running. Yours is so cute and I love the pics. Your kids are so grown up and adorable. I hope this message will connect us and show my address. If not its "

Love ya