Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Utah Fun

Okay, besides the baptism, we had a really nice visit with friends and family. Sadly, Kyle was sick sick sick (barfing on the way there). We had to go though, and we're glad we did. The vacation wasn't exactly "ideal" as the first 3-4 days, we were just laying low at my parents' home...trying to take it easy on Kyle. He did start feeling better though--but this is the worst "flu"-type thing any of my kids have EVER gotten. Poor kid. He just wasn't himself most of the time we were there.

Kyle trying to feel better in a sink bath & Kids at Grandma Mac's Breakfast table

We did visit with my sister a few time; and then more siblings, family and friends at the open house.
Isabel huggin Auntie Marcie (Sara's Sister) and Allison peaking in too!
My parents were really great hosts. My mother loves to sew--quilts, costumes, dresses, etc. She made the boys some cute Indian shirts and the LOVED them. Isabel and she made a small blanket for Isabel's special teddy bear, Bobby. While there is no place like home, it was very nearly as comfortable. It's so nice to have a nice home to stay in and have your normal comforts. While there we finally talked them into letting us install a water softener in their home. They've been wanting one since they moved in but have put it I bullied them into it and Jim installed it as the house was already prepped for it! Jim's a whiz at this stuff anyhow!
Boys wearing their Indian shirts & Jim installing the water softener)

So, we did have some fun. We visited BYU Bookstore and that was neat. I got to go to lunch with my sister. I went with my mom to the Distribution Center and got Isabel her new scriptures and then we lunched at The Garden up on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building there on Temple Square. It was lovely to look out at the brides. Jim had some fun too...he got a truck. Yes, a real-life truck. We'll have to post pictures of that sometime soon. It's big and red.
Sara's Parents & Bryce, Rory, Allison, Isabel & Jorma
We got to spend some time with Jim's family too. Bob and Sheila came up and visited us there since we weren't taking Kyle anywhere. It was nice of them and we even enjoyed a fun dinner at Winger's! (I've missed that place) It was good to see them.
Jim's Parents with Bryce & Isabel

We love our family and friends in Utah! Thanks for the visit. Hopefully we'll all be healthier next time we're there!


decoratinggal said...

sorry to hear Kyle was sick -- my first trip with Jake back to Chicago he broke through THREE molars at one time - screamed for 27 hours straight - delightful!!! So glad you were able to see family and friends!

Janint said...

Cute kids! I hope Kyle feels better :) I'm glad you have a handy man in the house!