Monday, March 3, 2008

A 3 Year Old

Wow, Rory is 3! We had such a fun day with him. It started out with us letting him open Grandma & Grandpa Mac's birthday gift for him...a cool view-master projector. The kids loved it and spent a long time in the bathroom (as it is dark-dark in there). Fun stuff.

We went to Olive Garden (Rory's request) for his birthday dinner. It was YUMMY! They sang to him and he felt super-special (he was a little shy when they came to sing to him and it was darling).

THEN--the BIG fun...we went BOWLING. Again, Rory's Request. He could have gone to Chuck E Cheese's or anything, but he LOVES to bowl. We had a fabulous time. He is so cute. He cheers and jumps up and down and has a great time. Of the kids--he got 1st place! We opened gifts there and even lit candles on his birthday rice-crispy-treats (no cake for the egg allergy). What a good night.

I can't believe he is 3! Some days he seems more like 5 or 6 due to his size and brilliance, but then again, the 3 years are amazing, and has gone quick. When we moved to Colorado, he was only 6 weeks old. You've come far my sweet boy.


ducksfly2gether said...

I can't believe he's three. I mostly remember the 6 week old. Congratulations! I want to have my next birthday party at YOUR house! You guys are so fun!

Cari said...

Happy Birthday Rory! Liam just turned 3 too on the 2nd, the time does fly by too quickly.
Did not know about the egg allergy, is there a lot of things that he can't eat because of it?

The Serr Family said...

Happy Birthday to Rory!! Thanks for sharing.

cindylou said...

Happy Birthday, Rory! What a CUTIE he is!! (You know...he and Ashlyn might make a great pair one day...) It looks like you guys had a ton 'o fun on his birthday!

Kami said...

Fun Sara! I remember when he was 6 weeks old, crazy! You're blog is looking so cute. Mine is needing a serious overhaul, maybe I'll have to get some tips.

cindylou said...

Hey -- your blog changes look GREAT! I love it!! The top banner thing is so cute! Hopefully you weren't really up until 2am working on it. :o) I love it!!