Saturday, February 2, 2008

January on to February

I love's my birthday month! Now as I'm getting (a bit) older and cringe when I think of my age...I still love my birthdays! So maybe I'm not getting that much older if I still love my birthdays? I'll be 32 and that's not so bad.

I know I've been slacking in the blogging department. We've had quite the past month. So much has been happening, it's hard to get a moment to sit down and type up everything...and then I get further behind and then I know I'll need even more time to catch up...time that I haven't had.

Sick...ROUND 1: Bryce is doing so wonderfully in school...and he loves going every day...however the hygeine skills of the kids his age leave something to be desired. He brought home some of those wonderful Kindergarten germs...or from somewhere.... and he started out sick, then it went to Rory and then to Kyle. The icky chest thing was not fun...bad cough and Rory & Ky were both taking nebulizer treatments for nearly10 days. Then Kyle got an ear infection...went on Amoxicilin for it... On his 2nd to last day of his Rx, Kyle decided he'd have an allergic reaction to the Amoxicilin...we ended up in the ER...poor kid was just covered in hives and all out of sorts (understandably so). Finally, we got through that, and got over his cough, as did the other boys.

Sick...ROUND 2: Bryce again brought home a went to Rory, Isabel, Myself (with a nice sore throat)...but luckily Kyle has been spared thus far.

So besides the sick thing...Isabel is selling Girl Scout Cookies. This should come as no surprise to any of you, because I've probably asked you if you would like any, and if I haven't...well, they're still for sale. She is goal oriented and the troop set a CRAZY goal of 350 boxes! Ugh! So, in support of my daughter, I've tried to contact my contacts...not feeling too bad about asking others...afterall...they're GIRL SCOUT COOKIES...and who doesn't like them!?!

Kyle had his 1st birthday! What a year it's been. Not the easiest, but adding another child to the family never is. Rewarding though. He is such a love and so cute. I'm enjoying this new stage of things. He is weened (that took some doing this month as well)...cruising around...almost running with his brothers...eating (loves goldfish already). He's our doll. Finally, he is semi-good in the car (knock on wood). I'm looking forward to this next year with him.

Rory went poop in the potty (a HUGE milestone for us)--now if only he could continue to... He got a gum ball from his gumball machine (he will get one each time he goes)--we even took him to Chuck E Cheese's for a celebration. It was a lot of fun. But now he's back to his -not-going on the potty. It's quite a doing...potty training. We always think "maybe the next kid will be easier" but...not so much!

I went on a field trip with Isabel's class--and that was great fun. I really don't get much of a chance to volunteer at school since I have such youngin' I relished this opportunity--and it was fun! I had a great little group of kids.

I'll try to keep up a bit better with the blogging so it doesn't get so far behind, but really, actually living (and not just blogging about the living we do) is my priority...getting through the day, week, etc. I appreciate your interest in our family and goings-on. I too love to see how you all are.



decoratinggal said...

So sorry to hear everyone has been so so sick (though I am still happy to see an update ;)! Frank's down with pnuemonia which is terrifying to me...hopefully the meds will heal him in no time quick. Sorry to hear the little guy is allergic to the meds. How scary!

So, we'll have to go out for your bday!

~ S

Cari said...

cute background! Heop everyone is feeling better. Love to you all

cindylou said...

It looks like you had a fun, busy month in January! I'm sorry that you guys have been so sick. Hello -- I should have been bringing YOU dinner! Thanks again for the fabulous meal(s)! You're great, Sara! :o)