Friday, August 31, 2007

what's new

Ky-Ky--Walker Walker

There's our sweet baby Kyle. He loves his walker. Thank goodness for this chair he can sit in and be happy for a while...this is the only way Mom gets ANYTHING done around here. He's at a really cute stage...very lovey and giggly and yummy. A Hunting He Went...

Jim loves to every time this year he packs up all his special gear and goes up on a mountain somewhere looking for elk or deer...anything with antlers would be great. Well, he saw quite a few, but as the bow hunt is rather challenging, he didn't "catch" one. Maybe next year?

The Everyday Super-Heroes--Rory & Bryce to the Rescue!

Today they dressed up. Lately, they can't get enough of Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story. While they can't dress up like Buzz...they can still be superheros....and I just love how they make missile sounds and shooting sounds and yelling and fighting the forces of evil. It is fun to watch them make believe.